Arts Management

As an arts manager I try to set the course and mainly take care of fundraising and communication for various events and projects.


«Money makes the world go round.» I’m regularly trying to get some of it to realize interesting projects with orchestras, bands, festivals and labels.


I help to tell the world about fantastic concerts and other opportunities not to be missed. I take care of social media, websites and print products for projects and sometimes work as a web designer and web programmer.


Jazzfestival Willisau / Festival Of New Trumpet Music / Dave Douglas / Greenleaf MusicLucerne Jazz Orchestra / Langnau Jazz Nights / Inderbinen Concerts / Bern University of the Arts / Jazzwerkstatt Bern / Match&Fuse / Isabelle Ritter / Jazz Club MoodsZKB Jazzpreis / Hildegard lernt fliegen / Unit RecordsAndreas Schaerer / Le Rex / Efrat Alony / Ingrid Lukas / Peter Zihlmann / Marc Stucki / Benedikt Reising / Isabelle RitterGregor Frei / Rea Dubach