Dart was part

One of the best things about this year was that I got to play with my quartet DART again. I wrote a couple of new songs. Three of them were premiered at this year’s online edition of the Festival Of New Trumpet Music.

After a lot of background work for the festival led by Dave Douglas, it was a great honor for me to be able to present my own music and to be part of this community. In case you missed it, there are all the concert in the archive for you to check out.

It was a great pleasure to make music in person again and to play with my friends and band mates Simon Spiess, Jeremias Keller and Fred Bürki.

«Lukas, you get such a glittering, beautiful sound in your playing. I love the lithe, running melodic lines in the tunes and in all of the solos, carried along by the delicate churn of the rhythm. I kept hearing, within all the tunes, the expression of quiet and elegiac yearning. It is, for me, a reminder that it is still yet possible to discover beauty, even in this ugly beautiful world, to paraphrase Monk! Thank you to you and your group, for providing us with the swinging solace of beauty, in your exquisite performance.»

— Erol Tamerman

Longtime supporter and board member Erol Tamerman wrote a beautiful and personal feedback for every performance. You can read all of them here.