Jazzwerkstatt 2019

Great to hear so much beautiful music and meet so many amazing musicians from around the world after preparing the festival for quite some time.

It’s hard to choose anything, but these musicians have left a lasting impression, even though I already knew their music:

South african pianist, singer and composer Thandi Ntuli brought her wonderful compositions to Bern, arrangend for her Art Ensemble uniting musicians from Switzerland, Sweden, South Africa and Kenya. Some of the most beautiful music I’ve heard lately.

Another highlight of this year‘s Jazzwerkstatt festival: London based trumpeter and composer Sheila Maurice-Grey (pictured above) presented her powerful music with her band Ms Maurice and she blew me away with her amazing playing and her beautiful sound. Make sure to also check out her band Kokoroko.

Gear talk with Scott Robinson (Photo: Palma Fiacco)

Finally I had the chance to meet Scott Robinson again. This time the amazing multi instrumentalist used two instruments from my collection of rather unusal brass instruments for his concerts at the festival.