New Trumpet Music #9

It’s been a while since I wrote about new trumpet music here. But that’s not because there is a lack of it. That’s why I would like to take this opportunity to once again point out some great music by dear colleagues.

Kirsi-Marja Harju

I first heard her music at the virtual Jazzahead fair in 2021, and a year later we met in person at the same place. She is originally from Finland, but now lives in the Netherlands. I really like the latest album “Toivo” with her quartet KAMA Kollektiv. She combines a beautiful trumpet sound with her voice as a singer in a collection of really great compositions that show her diverse musical universe.

Hermon Mehari

I discovered Hermon through my work at the Festival Of New Trumpet Music, where he presented a solo set in 2021. We also met in person for the first time last year at Jazzahead. Hermon recently released this amazing record called “Asmara”. I really love the music and his playing on this record!

Suzan Veneman

I have known about Suzan for a very long time, having met her brother Vincent, himself a trombonist and composer, 15 years ago. Suzan is an incredibly great trumpeter, composer and arranger. You can hear all this on her latest album “Migrations of the Mind”.

Martti Vesala

I have known Martti for several years and have followed his musical endeavors. The last time we met, he presented me with his latest release “Landmarks”, which is an absolute pleasure to listen to. Great musicians and wonderful compositions, I can only recommend this record as well.