Lukas Frei (tp/flh)
Simon Spiess (ts)
Jeremias Keller (eb)
Fred Bürki (dr)

High Striker

Lukas Frei (tp/flh), Julian Hesse (tp/flh), Nicole Johänntgen (ss/as), Gregor Frei (ts/bcl), Jörn Marcussen-Wulff (tb), Marc Unternährer (tuba), Martina Berther (eb), Mathias Künzli (dr/perc)


Benjamin Knecht Jazz Orchestra


Past projects

Elisa Day

Isabelle Ritter (voc/comp), Lukas Frei (tp/flh), Nils Fischer (ss/bcl), Billy Utermann (p), Jeremias Keller (eb), Christoph Steiner (dr)

Sylvie Courvoisier Large Ensemble

Sylvie Courvoisier (cond/comp), Simon Heggendorn (vl), Sara Käser (vcl), Carlo Niederhauser (vcl), Raphael Heggendorn (vcl), Lukas Frei (tp), Niklaus Hürny (tp), Andreas Tschopp (tb), Marc Unternährer (tuba), Urs Vögeli (g), Luzius Schuler (p), Claude Meier (b), Flo Reichle (dr)

Lucerne Jazz Orchestra

From 2007 to 2017, the Lucerne Jazz Orchestra under the direction of David Grottschreiber, earned a reputation as one of the most interesting European jazz orchestras. At around 120 concerts in Switzerland and abroad, the ensemble regularly presented new music by young composers from all over Europe, which is documented on seven recordings. I played on the record Berge Versetzen and was part of the management team.


Lukas Frei (tp/flh/comp), Adrian Pflugshaupt (as/ss/fl), Gregor Frei (ts/bsl/ss), Andreas Tschopp (tb), Benjamin Külling (p), Christoph Utzinger (b), Rico Baumann (dr)

Take Off

Lukas Frei (tp/flh/comp), Tobias Meier (as), Michael von Rohr (ts), Hannes Bürgi (p), Christoph Utzinger (b), David Meier (dr)

String Group

Lukas Frei (tp), Matthias Kohler (ss), Lukas Roos (bcl), Christoph Utzinger (b), Rico Baumann (dr), Rachel Wieser (vl), Vincent Millioud (vl), Tabea Kämpf (vla), Carlo Niederhauser (vlc)