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Ron Miles. 1963-2022.

I am immensely saddened to hear that Ron Miles has passed away. He was and is a unique voice on our instrument and a great inspiration. We are left with the many wonderful recordings, with musicians like Brian Blade, Bill Frisell, Jason Moran, Scott Colley, among others.

“Love fuels my work the most. My love for my fellow musicians. My love for my audience. My love for the tradition that I’m a part of.”

Ron Miles

I heard him live for the first time in 2007 with Matt Wilson’s Quartet “Arts and Crafts” with Gary Versace and Dennis Irwin at the Langnau Jazz Nights. His sound and playing already impressed me deeply then, so unique, so beautiful, simple yet sophisticated.

Later I was able to meet him personally and spend some time with him during the Jazz Festival Willisau in 2013 and 2019. His positive nature and the exchange at eye level left a lasting impression on me.

He was so humble and thoughtful, his sound and compositions so full of soul. I am grateful that I was able to experience this live a few times.

“It’s all connected. (…) We put these divisions in there later. Those divisions are not real, they’re arbitrary. There’s no divisions in music.”

Ron Miles

“I really want (my students) to realize that while they’re in school, particularly in music, it’s very important that they get outside of these walls. That they see that their art resonates in the community.”

Ron Miles

Amazing photos by Elliot Ross for Ron’s last album

Photo: Elliot Ross

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